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Great news! The handy demonic item, soul bearer which automatically banks ensouled heads dropped by RuneScape Gold monsters in runescape for a cost of 1 blood rune and 1 soul rune per charge is here in Great Kourend. Why not buy runescape 07 gold cheap to make your way to Kourend to get hands on it? This is how you get the Soul Bearer.Items needed for getting the Soul BearerTo get the Soul Bearer, you need to have a spade, a dusty key or 70+ agility.

Antipoison, anti dragonshield, stamina potions, weight reducing gear, teleport to falador, teleports to kourend/zeah, dramen staff with fairy rings, quest cape/ectophial and enough cheap runescape 07 gold are highly recommended for you to have a smooth process.Follow the steps to complete the “Bare Your Soul” miniquest to unlock Soul BearerOnly if you complete the “Bare Your Soul” miniquest, can you get hands on the powerful and convenient ensouled heads collecting item.

Steps you can follow to complete the “Bare Your Soul” miniquest:1.Find the book "Soul Journey" in the Arceuus library (random for everyone)2.Talk to Aretha at the Soul Altar3.Dig in the crypt at the Arceuus chuch (south-east of library)4.Talk to the keymaster at the Cerberus crossroad5.Charge it with soul/blood runesIt is necessary to have enough cheap runescape gold 2007 for help while doing the miniquest. Speaking as one experienced rs 07 gold trader, RSGOLDFAST can deliver your gold safely and fast within 10 minutes.

In fact, if you buy OSRS Gold from our site right now, you can get one up to 20% off lucky code on RSGOLDFAST Facebook. It is better to make the order now.Every ensouled head you get while doing slayer is worth being banked with Soul Bearer if you do slayer semi-efficiently. In other word, Soul Bearer is the one item that worth having. So if you need cheap rs 07 gold during completing “Bare Your Soul” miniquest, RSGOLDFAST can provide you large amount of cheap oldschool runescape gold for sale. Have fun!The RSGOLDFAST Team Adding Catacombs of Kourend in Zeah Or Not?
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